"The club would be enormously grateful for members to volunteer to help with jobs to keep the club running smoothly"

"Next Meeting: 10th July - Painting in monochrome - any subject or medium"

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"COMMON GROUND" - Alongside Heeley Art Club Member Barry Byles

‘ Common Ground’ is a community group which runs the old St. Peter’s Church Halls and grounds near to the old Abbeydale Cinema on Abbeydale Road. It has been running some years now and as well as the day to day running of halls, which are all available for hire, they have a shared community garden and put on events in their grounds through the year. Sadly, the area suffers from more than its fair share of vandalism and there has been a constant problem of windows being broken. One of the ways of dealing with this is to permanently board up some of the more vulnerable windows and this where the murals have come in. So, instead of having pieces of unsightly chipboard these are gradually being replaced by bright colourful murals which are hopefully more vandal proof! Jake Hurst, one of the leaders of the group ( who has already done a fine mural himself) asked me if I fancied having a go at one of the windows as he was aware of my connection with Heeley Art Club. The result is as you see. It has been done in oils with a heavily varnished top on thin plywood. There are several other windows that need doing similarly if anyone in the club fancies having a go and benefiting the community at the same time.
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The Heeley Art Club was established in 1895 and is the oldest art club in the Sheffield area. This site is designed as a resource for members and for those interested in joining us. We are a very friendly group. We are always pleased to welcome new members who are artists of a reasonably competent standard.
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Lismer sketch of meeting nights at Meersbrook Vestry Hall circa. 1900