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"2018 Exhibitions" (Please note dates are not final and are subject to change)

Exhibitions will take place Sunday 20th May – Thursday 24th May and Sunday 7th October – Sunday 14th October 2018 at the Winter Garden Sheffield. For the two Winter Garden Exhibitions there is a selection process. The new exhibition at the Botanical Gardens will take place July 28th – 29th 2018.
The 2018 selection dates will be arranged shortly.

"Spring Exhibition Sheffield Winter Garden 2018"

Sheffield Winter Garden. We have secured this excellent venue again for an exhibition from Sunday 20th May – Thursday 24th May 2018.

"In the Frame 2018"

Sheffield Winter Garden – ‘In the Frame’ - The club will be holding another of its popular exhibitions. It will be held from the Sunday 7th October – Sunday 14th October 2018. As before we will allow for up to two works each with a third as a reserve. In general the size should not be greater than 16 inch x 24 inch, but we may have space for a few larger pictures. This exhibition presents an excellent opportunity to show the work of the Club to a wider audience.

"Botanical Gardens 2018"

A new venue for 2018, the newly built centre within the Botanical Gardens. This exhibition will be held July 28th – 29th 2018.