Club Activities

Working Nights
Most Working Nights are themed (although participation in the theme is not essential, some members prefer to work on their own subject).
The idea is for members to try something outside their comfort zone to, hopefully, extend their normal working practise.
On some summer evenings we occasionally work outdoors, although at these times the club room is usually also made available as an alternative for members who prefer to work indoors or for if it rains.

Helpful Comments
Work, preferably unfinished or in progress, is reviewed by the club members, comments are invited and a lively discussion often ensues. The aim is to help with problems encountered by the artist and/or to produce better pictures by pointing out, in a helpful way, areas for improvement (and we all have those!), such as composition, tonal balance and technique.

Professional artists demonstrate in a variety of media, usually completing a picture in the evening - nice just to sit and watch someone else working!
Non-members are welcome to attend for an admission charge of three pounds.
Members will be asked to contribute two pounds.

Informal Demonstration by Members
Occasionally we have demonstrations by a few of the more experienced members, this is very informal, the demonstrators work at tables around the room and people wander round chatting to the demonstrators or other members. (in other words a bit of a "Chat night" when we pick up tips and get to know people a little more)