Club Activities

Working Night - Consequences


The working evening on 13 November was called "Connections" and facilitated by Ian Geary. We were trying to create abstract work based around a particular phrase or idea.

Each participant had brought along a coloured medium. To start, we chose a piece of paper on which was written a few words. We then started to develop an abstract picture based on ideas or feelings stimulated by the words. After ten minutes or so the pictures were moved round and the next person continued the picture. However, they were not told the words and so were free to develop the image as a reponse to the previous artist's work.

As the session continued it was interesting to see how each participant, working in a medium of their choice, took the picture in different directions. After four artists had contributed to each picture we stopped to review the work. After the break we did a repeat round. The illustration shows a small sample of the work produced.