Club Activities

Working Evening - Painting to music


This evening on 19th of February 2008 was inspired by a painting brought to a 'helpful comments' evening. It was an abstract painting done while listening to 'Rhapsody in Blue'. The idea of the session was to explore our artistic responses to music.

Four pieces of music were presented, each about 15 minutes in length. This gave time for a quick response, without too much time for thought. The medium and approach was left to the individual. After each piece there was a pause to allow us to compare notes and look at each other's work.

The music was deliberately chosen to be unfamiliar to the group and of differing moods. It was all instrumental, so there were no words to colour perceptions, and the group was not even told the title until afterwards. The idea was to help people to produce a genuinely emotional response to the sounds without the intervention of any preconceptions.