Club Activities

Figures in the landscape or interior.

Tues 5th May meeting.

Figures in the landscape or interior.

Some members are confident at including figures into their work, some
are not for the latter this session is an opportunity to experiment
and exchange ideas with others.

Members are asked to bring along their own materials & ideas on
subjects to paint or draw also it would be helpful if they could bring
cuttings of figures from magazines, newspapers or computer images.

Members can make several sketches & play around with the composition
of the figures either drawing or pasting then onto their work.

The object of this session is not to take home a finished piece of
work but to produce many new ideas for future works.

I will bring along some of my work that includes figures.

I would like members also to bring along work that includes figures
for discussion.

Examples of excellent use of figures in paintings can be seen in the
work of Degas & Manet.

If this is not clear to anyone email