The One Show Roadshow

A muddy day in Endcliffe Park

Angelica Bell painting one of the 96 panels

On the 29th of August 2012 The Heeley Art Club took up the challenge to reproduce a "big" picture of Sheffield, viewed from Psalter Lane by Joseph Wrightson McIntyre. 96 individual panels needed to be painted that would then be fitted together.

The event was hoped to be open to the public and we optimistically hoped to get as many people into the art tent to create the picture.

And so, volunteers from The Heeley Art Club ventured out into a torrential downpour to begin the challenge.

Arriving at Endcliffe Park we were met with what was nothing less than a quagmire, but we heroically battled on.
It was then given out that the event may not even be opened to the public due to the weather, if so the picture would've had to be completed by The Heeley volunteers, but, at 1pm the weather calmed and the public arrived donned in wellies, galoshes and windbreakers.

To our amazement the public swarmed in, 1 by 1 they entered the art tent up to the point that they were queuing.

The painting was completed in time and the day was unforgettable. Angelica Bell presented the art section and, main One Show presenter Alex Jones with comedian Alan Davies unveiled the finished painting.

We would like to thank the BBC for inviting us to take part and also the Sheffield public that made the event such a success.

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