Boomshanka Dancers Figure Drawing Night

Drawing & Painting The Boomshanka Dancers


Dancer green
Dancer in green model
Dancers 1
Dancers 2
Dancers 3
Dancers 4
Dancers 5
Dancer 6
Dancers 7
Dancer 8
Dancer 9
Dancer 10
Dancer 11
Session2 1 model
Session2 2
Dancer 15
Boomshanka Tribal

On the 7th of May 2013 we were pleased to welcome both Zoe & Jess from the Boomshanka Tribal Dance Group in Sheffield for a figure drawing night.
We began by drawing short timed poses (2-5 minutes) to warm up and get an idea of how to draw the dancer's faces and marvellous costumes.
We moved on to drawing longer timed poses for 10 minute sessions trying to capture some similarity and detail of the poses being held.
Zoe & Jess also held more elaborate poses but on a shorter time frame as the poses were obviously difficult to keep in one place and we are grateful that they chose to hold these poses for us, both Zoe & Jess were very amenable to our pose requests and the night was enjoyed by all.
A varied range of work was produced and it was fantastic to see such a variety of styles.
I would like to thank Zoe & Jess on behalf of The Heeley Art Club and myself for giving us the chance to draw them and their splendid costumes.

For more information about Boomshanka please click here to visit their website.